Music – March 2/4 and 4/4
Tempo – 58 measures of 2 beats per minute
– 29 measures of 4 beats per minute
-116 beats per minute
Pattern – Optional
Duration – The time required to skate 6 sequences is 50 sec.

Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information

The Kilian is a test of close and accurate footwork, unison of rotation and control. Upright posture is required throughout. The dance follows a counter-clockwise circular pattern but the start and succeeding steps may be located anywhere around the circle. Once established, however, no shift of pattern is acceptable on subsequent sequences. The clockwise rotation must be controlled.

The partners should skate close together in Kilian postilion throughout and particular care should be taken to avoid any separation and coming together of the partners. The man’s right hand should clasp the lady’s right hand and keep it firmly pressed on her right hip to avoid separation. The man’s left hand should clasp the lady’s left hand so that her left arm is firmly extended across his body.

Inventor – Karl Schreiter
First Performance – Vienna, Engelmann Ice Rink, 1909