has been offering official website design, hosting and maintenance to national and international ice dance couples since 1999. Each website is designed to provide athletes with a unique and positive web presence for their partnership.  For more information on having your website at, we’ve created this F.A.Q.   If you are interested in having your website created, hosted and/or maintained by IDC, fill out our website application. Below is a list of websites currently hosted/maintained or affiliated with IDC.

Please note, websites will open in a separate window.

Christina Carreira
& Anthony Ponomarenko
United States

Eva Pate
& Logan Bye
United States

Laurence Fournier-Beaudry
& Nikolaj Sorensen

Kaitlyn Weaver
& Andrew Poje


Tina Garabedian
& Simon Proulx Senecal

Caroline Green
& Michael Parsons

Kaitlin Hawayek
& Jean-Luc Baker *
United States

* Indicates website is being maintained by the athlete or their family.