Westminster Waltz

Music – Waltz 3/4
Tempo – 54 measures of 3 beats per minute
– 162 beats per minute
Pattern – Optional
Duration – The time required to skate 2 sequences in 58 sec.

Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information

The Westminster Waltz is characterized by stately carriage and elegance of line. It should be skated with strong edges and a softly flowing knee action. An upright stance with-out breaking at the waist is essential to its stately character. Throughout the dance the many changes of position should appear to be effortless and in excellent unison. Soft knee bends without bounce, free leg extensions which are strong but not flamboyant, matched free leg movements of couples, even pace and dignified expression all combine to enhance the refined character of this waltz.

Inventors – Eric van der Weyden and Eva Keats
First Performance – London, Westminster Ice Rink, 1938