Hi! It’s my final blog from Estonia, and it’s a very happy one!

I woke up after finally getting a full night of sleep and I felt ready to conquer the free dance. We had practice, then came back and ate breakfast with Greg and Douglas. It was fun and kept us feeling a little more relaxed going into the competition. I curled my hair successfully for the first time and we went back to the rink to compete.

We felt really calm and confident going in, and we skated well.  Our skate was finally what we have been wanting to show at a JGP. We are so excited that we are bringing home a bronze medal for Team USA!

After competing, we went into town to get gifts for the judges and team leader and doctor who traveled with us. We went back to the rink to watch Camden and Vincent compete, and then we had awards. It was such a great feeling to stand on our first JGP podium!  More than anything, I feel so motivated coming out of this competition because I feel like we broke through a barrier and I know we are ready to keep improving.

After awards we had our team dinner at a DELICIOUS Estonian restaurant in Old Town, and then came back to the hotel and spent the entire night with friends from other countries. Although I haven’t slept in 25 hours, I love the tradition we have of always spending our last hours together. It was an amazing week, full of incredible memories, laughter, and we have honestly learned so much. Thank you for reading my blogs this week, I hope you enjoyed them!

Until next time,


Ps. Special shoutout to everyone who made this week so great, to our team leader Stefanie, our team doctor, our judges, our team, and most of all our coach GREG!!!! We love you Greesha!